What is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid?

 The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the U. S. Department of Education (DOE) Federal Student Aid Program’s application form used to apply for post-secondary federal student aid. It must be completed each year the student attends college.

The U. S. Department of Education’s website for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid,, and telephone help line, 1 -800-4-FEDAID are two of the best sources for financial aid information and answers to your financial aid questions.

What you can do as a parent?

File taxes as early as possible, but don’t delay the FAFSA due to your taxes not being done. It’s okay to estimate your financial information on the FAFSA; you just need to finalize it later.

Examine the bill from the school your child chooses and make sure you understand all the fees and how they will be paid (e.g., through scholarships, student loans, etc.).

Help your child learn about the responsibilities involved in accepting a student loan. To learn more about repaying student loans, visit

What items should you bring with you?
In order to better serve the students, you must bring the following items to Student Aid San Antonio:

  • Student and parent 2014 IRS tax forms and and W2s or IRS filing information to link into IRS website
  • Student and parent social security numbers
  • Student alien registration number, if applicable
  • Student and parent untaxed income information (e.g. child support)
  • Student and parent other financial information (e.g. net worth of business, farm assets, etc.)
  • Student and parent exact dates of birth.

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